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A2015 Kickoff

Postby Dark Angel » Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:18 am

A2015-US Location will be announced at the end of the this month. Some notable dates:
11/30/2014 - Location to be announced
1/1/2015 - Payment system will be online
3/1/2015 - Free Special Shirt cutoff and early bird discount ($299)
4/1/2015 - Final date of payment ($325)
6/26/2015 - Armageddon 2015 Begins (prepare of the possibility of an 11PM 6/25 start time)
6/29/2015 - End of A2015US

There will be 2 t-shirt designs. 1 will be the standard one that is included in the entry fee. The standard one
will be good quality hand spun cotton. Extras will be on sale for $20.
The other will be a special design. If you want to buy one, it will be $25. It will have multiple colors
on the front and back and printed in the best fabric I can get for the money.
Price when up, but know that it is going to be used to buy more time at each center. Front loading an hour before each event allowed us to handle a round robin with 9 teams, something we have never done. I am going to budget that in this year.
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