Proposal For New Rule

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Proposal For New Rule

Postby shell » Sun Aug 17, 2014 8:47 pm

I would like to have the following rule included in future Armageddon rule books:

"By entering this tournament, all players agree that they understand the rules
as stated, as well as all general rules of conduct, posted or not. All players waive their right to
be considered an "innocent" or "uninformed" participant upon entering the tournament."

This is a direct quote from the Ultrazone rule book, and I feel that it should be a general rule for Armageddon.


I've given this quite a bit of thought. There was a major rule violation that occurred during Armageddon this year, which MASSIVELY affected the outcome of the tournament. I'm not here to air dirty laundry in public, so I won't mention names, but a certain team suffered multiple terminations by multiple players during the Laser Tron event. The course of action (according to the rule book) should have been as follows:

“Serious violation of the rules... ... physical aggression toward a marshal or other player shall result in an immediate ejection.”

This part was carried out correctly.

“A player who is ejected from any game, including tune up, skill, and tournament games, must leave the game immediately, and may not participate in the remainder of the tournament.”

There is also a section that goes on about overturning the latter half of this rule in a captains' meeting. Which NEVER occurred. The rules then go on to say:

“If a total of two players from the same team have been ejected, that team shall be disqualified, and will not be permitted to participate in the remainder of the tournament. They will forfeit all points.”

This. Didn't. Happen. The majority of players' safety was put at risk by a minority of players that SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE TOURNAMENT due to reckless and dangerous actions that they were only half penalized for. However, they were half penalized because they were "new" to US Armageddon and the powers-that-be wouldn't sack up do the right thing. Bullshit. Everyone follows the same rules. No more double standards, no more street justice. And believe me, I thought the street justice that occurred this year was hilarious, but it has to stop.

And, on a personal note, I've seen too many near fights happen at Armageddon over the last few years and I'm really afraid for the day when one of those near fights turns to a full on brawl when the wrong person's toes get stepped on. This proposal isn't about handling the situation when we get there, it's about preventing it from ever happening.

Please give this issue the attention that it deserves.

- Shell

P.S. Refs in ALL games, not just per request. No more excuses.
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Re: Proposal For New Rule

Postby Trips » Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:51 pm

100% agree!
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