System Settings

Rules and game settings for each of the systems in this tournament

System Settings

Postby HotDice » Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:13 pm

What System Settings do you want to see this year ?

My list:

Quest - No shot / Hit Cap - 3/4 team full maze
Tron - Pick Your Own Chips
Zone - Two Team Zone
Blast - Captains Vote
Force - SM5 with 2 Ammo Carriers
Tactical - Game outcome not controlled by Ref
Darklight - Work pllzzzzzz

Qzar -
Storm -
Armageddon US 2013 Champion
Minigeddon (Zorce-a-geddon) US 2014 Champion
Armageddon US 2014 Champion

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Re: System Settings

Postby Trips » Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:55 pm

-Quest I think a 3 team format like we do zone is what we need.but no shot hit cap.
-tron anything that doesn't have a chip in it.
-Zone Stay the same as is. Specially going to tournament zone arena.
-Blast work in progress with the Michigan folks.
-tactical Toronto or drop system
-dark light may be too far if we go to Toronto.but probably no working packs in Cincinnati anyways

-force/storm/ Qatar no changes
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Re: System Settings

Postby rednectec » Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:57 pm

Tron - Again I prefer no Chips and to use "Armageddon Mode", but frankly If it's 11 obviously we Cant do Choose your own, and if its 12 Obviously it would be silly to not to do Choose your own.

Quest - Has always been the most expensive so 2 tower lock games are best. But if we can work it to be more like Nationals with 3 teams then yes. Also see Zone

Zone - I am generally against 3 team games in Armageddon because it screws with the RR scoring, but again it is done in the National Format so it is worth trying as long as we don't have what happen 2014.

Blast - At some point now that blast is starting to have a recognized scene again they need to find a setting that will work at any Blast site. This way No Vote will be needed. Hopefully soon or default to the Armageddon Blast Setting.

Force - We can't change the International Force setting for SM5... It just doesn't work that way... What we should decide is an easy way to explain/ enforce the following rule.

Tactical - Yes Justin, Yesss. IF we are going to have tactical it needs to be electronic.

Darklight - I don't think we will get it this year so I'm not going to bother pushing for advance again.

Storm - If we can divide great... if not then 3 lives undivided, and discuss if you can stand in the pod area while down... some confusion in Snowmageddon

Qzar - International rules, always simple
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Re: System Settings

Postby shell » Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:42 pm

The Dream:

Zone - base flags
Q-Zar - P.O.W.
Darklight - if exists ( select happiness from emotions )
Tron - Armageddon mode
Tactical/Outdoor - drink the beer
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Re: System Settings

Postby rednectec » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:46 pm

One Day I'll crack... one day... or I perfect a computerized monitoring system to run it.
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